Nine-Year-Old Boy Fighting For Life after Falling From Dad’s Shoulders and Being Trampled At Travis Scott’s Astroworld

 Nine-Year-Old Boy Fighting For Life after Falling From Dad’s Shoulders and Being Trampled At Travis Scott’s Astroworld

After suffering serious injuries on Friday, Ezra Blount is fighting for his life. After being injured in the Astroworld Festival crowd surge that killed at least eight people over the weekend, a nine-year-old kid is in a medically induced coma.

ABC 13 Houston reported, Ezra Blount is struggling for his life at Texas Children’s Hospital.

According to ABC 13 Houston and the Houston Chronicle, Ezra was sitting on his father Treston’s shoulders during the event when the tragic crowd rush began.

Per the site, Treston passed out under the pressure of the crowd, and Ezra slipped from his shoulders and was trampled. Ezra’s grandfather, Bernon Blount, told ABC 13 Houston that when his father awoke, his kid had already been brought to the hospital.

“He was listed as a John Doe because nobody knew his name and the father was still at the venue in the medical facilities,” Bernon remarked.

According to Ezra’s family, the small youngster has brain enlargement and all his organs have been harmed. Ezra’s brain swelling got “progressively worse” on Monday, according to the publication.

His family told the doctors to believe the small kid went into cardiac arrest.

Treston had taken his son to the event as a bonding opportunity, according to Bernon, and had gone to the festival from Tyler to spend time with the 9-year-old, who lives with his mother in Dallas.

Several young youngsters were among the victims of the terrifying ordeal; an anonymous 10-year-old was also hospitalized over the weekend. PEOPLE is investigating whether Ezra is the anonymous 10-year-old mentioned in those claims.

Jacob Jurinek,21, John Hilgert,14, Brianna Rodriguez, 16, Franco Patiño, 21, Axel Acosta, 21, Rudy Peña,, 23, Madison Dubiski, 23, and Danish Baig27, were among those killed as a crowd of nearly 50,000 rushed the stage where Travis Scott was performing on Friday.

Scott claimed he was “absolutely devastated”  by the events that occurred in a statement released on Saturday, and said on Monday that he would pay for the funeral costs of those who died, according to Variety.

As per People, families of the dead and injured, especially Ezra’s grandfather, are desperate for answers as to how so much chaos occurred.

“I guess my biggest thing is, how could this happen in the city of Houston? You know, when we go to concerts and different events, we expect safety and security. And all the videos I’ve seen, I didn’t see any security. I saw very little security,” he told ABC 13 Houston, later adding that police or “someone should have stopped it.”

“I just think there should be some accountability, cause for my grandson to end up the way he did, something terrible happened. He’s a small, innocent child, he didn’t deserve that. He didn’t deserve it at all,” according to Ezra’s grandfather.

“He’s just coming into town to see one of his favorite artists, and to be trampled like that, and really left in the hospital with no one knowing where he was, that’s heartbreaking,” he added. “As the citizens of Houston, we don’t deserve it, and my grandson certainly didn’t deserve it.”Authorities in Houston are hunting for the same answers. The inquiry is still underway, according to Police Chief Troy Finner, who said he met with Scott before the concert on Friday.

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