Wendy Williams is ready to go to court against Wells Fargo

 Wendy Williams is ready to go to court against Wells Fargo


Wendy Williams is speculated to be preparing for a legal battle with Wells Fargo over her financial position. Wendy Williams shared a photo of herself wearing a black dress with a leopard-print overcoat, looking happy and content. She shared this photo on Wednesday with the caption that she is ready for a legal fight.

Wendy Williams Called Out Wells Fargo, Lori Schiller, And Bernie Young

As per reported by Page Six, she looked to be unsure how much information she wanted to share with her fans, so she quickly changed the caption to simply ‘ready.’ It was still unclear whether she had a court date that day. Wendy Williams is fighting her bank for some of her monies that have been held by the bank since February of this year, claiming that she needed a guardian to have access to these funds.

Wendy Williams filed a preliminary injunction against Wells Fargo as a result of the event, and she also criticized her former financial advisor, Lori Schiller, who said she was of ‘unsound mind.’ Despite the fact that the case against Well Fargo was closed in New York, she posted a video on Instagram demanding money from the accused financial firm.

Lori Schiller did not have a good response when she stated that she had every right to know and ask for her own money. As a result, the 57-year-old actor took to social media to demand her money. Because both Wells Fargo and Lori, in her perspective, do not have adequate explanations about her fund, they have filed a guardianship petition to keep it.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Wells Fargo denied all of the allegations concerning William’s money case. She also chastised Bernie Young, Williams’ former manager, for submitting an application to become his conservator. Young may have used Wendy Williams’ American Express card to pay for an attorney who filed a complaint against her, Wendy Williams.

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