Tom Cruise ‘writes letter to Katie’

 Tom Cruise ‘writes letter to Katie’

Tom Cruise writes letter to Katie

Tom Cruise has reportedly written an “emotional letter” to Katie Holmes. The couple divorced in July last year after Holmes filed legal papers to end the marriage on June 29. After 12 months apart, friends say Cruise has taken the surprising step of writing to his ex in an attempt to rekindle their friendship, if not more.

“[He wrote an] emotional letter. I think it’s something Tom’s been thinking about a lot recently, but especially as July was approaching,” an insider told UK magazine Look. “It’s like he’s finally recognised that Katie will always be the love of his life. It was such a shock when she left him – although she would no doubt argue that he ignored the signs – but I think Tom finally understands why she had to end things.”

Sources say the Mission Impossible star decided to write as he knew Katie, 34, would be unreceptive over the phone. The pair allegedly attempted a truce in March, which proved to be too soon and they’ve barely spoken since. “It won’t have been an over the top letter – it has been a year and I’m sure Tom will have been aware that Katie wouldn’t be interested in running straight back into his arms,” the insider continued, “but he’ll have wanted to tell her how much he still cares for her and that he hopes she’s doing well.”

Sources close to the former Dawson’s Creek star say Cruise’s letter has had the desired effect on her. Holmes has reportedly been “genuinely touched” by the 51-year-old’s words. “I’m sure it would have been a very emotional read for her, but cathartic too – and so important,” the source shared. “I think this letter would have been a hint at that old, romantic Tom – the one she fell for. Tom would no doubt take her back in a second, but I don’t think that’s what Katie wants.”

Following their split Katie has settled in New York City with Suri, her daughter with Tom, and is slowly building a new life for herself.

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