Social media means no one misses out on Rugby World Cup 2011

 Social media means no one misses out on Rugby World Cup 2011

RWC – Rugby World Cup 2011

Rage of Rugby World Cup 2011 - RWC on Social Media(AFPRelaxnews) – To many people New Zealand might seem like the end of the earth, but organizers of the RWC – Rugby World Cup 2011 — which runs from September 9 2011 to October 23 2011 — have tapped into the wonders of social media to ensure the whole planet can keep up with all the action, on and off the playing fields.

“This is an unprecedented opportunity for New Zealand to place itself in front of the world,” says RWC – Rugby World Cup 2011’s Bridget Abernethy, the group’s project manager for business engagement.

“We have all been keen from the very beginning of RWC – Rugby World Cup 2011 to make the most of all platforms of social media as means of reaching out not only to all the people who are coming here but to those who for whatever reason could not make the trip.”

Social Media for Rugby World Cup 2011 (RWC)

Facebook, Flickr and Twitter accounts have all been fired up for RWC – Rugby World Cup 2011 and there’ll be daily videos posted on YouTube so those staying at home won’t miss a thing from Rugby World Cup 2011. Just how much access the respective nations actually involved in the RWC – Rugby World Cup 2011 will allow their players remains a mystery at this point, but the reaction to what has been made available has already been astonishing, to say the least.

The official Rugby World Cup 2011 Facebook page has 1.2 million “likes” (and counting) while organizers had to establish a full-time Twitter account for Rugby World Cup 2011 to the attention of the event was generating. Meanwhile a nationwide, 30-day tour of the Web Ellis Trophy saw more than 25,000 RWC – Rugby World Cup 2011 fans pose with the prized piece of silverware — and then see their images posted on Flickr.

RWC – Rugby World Cup 2011 estimates around 40 percent of ticket sales so far have been generated by social media and it’s the potential for that sort of action that originally spurred the organization to establish special platforms which allow visiting businessmen to link up with organizations in New Zealand, which in turn can showcase what they might have to offer to the world.

“We think that no event before has made use of these social media developments to such an extent,” says RWC – Rugby World Cup 2011’s CEO Martin Snedden. “People from all over the world have found they can get total access to what we are doing here.”

New Zealand is expecting more than 90,000 visitors to attend some part of the World Cup and to top the more than four billion viewers from 238 countries who tuned in at some stage to RWC 2007 in France — a figure organizers claim puts RWC – Rugby World Cup 2011 behind only the Olympics and football’s World Cup and European Championships in terms of viewer numbers.

It has been claimed that 4.7 billion viewers across the planet tuned in for at least part of Beijing’s Olympics in 2008 — one-fifth more than the 3.9 billion estimated to have watch Athens in 2004.

And world football‘s governing body FIFA claimed that during last year’s World Cup more than 3.2 billion people — or almost half the world’s population — watched live coverage for a minimum of one minute.

Here’s how you can keep up with RWC (Rugby World Cup 2011):

Just for the Rugby World Cup 2011 fans!/rugbyworldcup

And for those looking for a little bit more!/realnzfestival

Enjoy the moments of RWC – Rugby World Cup 2011 on social media.

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