Sandra Bullock Gushes Over Sweet Little Man Louis Talks Bein

 Sandra Bullock Gushes Over Sweet Little Man Louis Talks Bein

Sandra Bullock is one proud mama.

The award-winning actress’ face radiates the second her adorable son Louis is brought up during an interview with E! News’ Giuliana Rancic, and Bullock just couldn’t stop gushing over her boy, who she called a “sweet little man,” despite always giving cameras the stink eye.

“He’s in a situation where he’s not liking that someone’s there with a camera. He’s usually giving stink eye, but he’s giving stink eye because he doesn’t want anybody messing with his mom. That’s what breaks my heart, because he’s doing it…he’s like, ‘Don’t get near my mom,'” the star tells E! News.

Sandra Bullock Louis in Italy

“He doesn’t know why those people are there but he senses—any time any man gets near me, he’s like, ‘Dude, don’t get near my mom.’ So when there’s about eight of them, it’s the same thing. It’s like he doesn’t like that energy that’s coming,” Sandra Bullock continued, and added that her 4-year-old is already very mature for his age (well, for the most part).

“But he does that for his friends at school. If someone’s getting picked on, he gets in between the person getting picked on and says, ‘Don’t do that, the police are gonna get you!’ And then he says, ‘You have to use your words.’ But he’s all dude. He’s just a dude. And I’m learning a lot about being a dude! Apparently when you sleep, your hand needs to be down your pants.”

Motherhood has become a learning experience for the first-time mom, but something that Bullock didn’t expect after having a child was becoming so emotional.

Sandra Bulluck Louis Image
“I thought I was the most hardened, jaded individual I knew. And I can be brought to a mess in seconds. It’s like you go, ‘Oh, I grew a heart.’ I get weepy all the time, it’s embarrassing…but that’s it, you just realize that you are walking love.”

So does this mean she’s open to the idea of having more little ones around the house? “If all of a sudden my house had eight kids in it—if it was OK with Louis and it felt like a good, safe family—I would be fine with it,” she tells E! News. “That’s what my home is for. It’s up to him, he’s kinda the boss.

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