Rapper Kanye West’s Childhood Home Being Rebuilt Gives Clue About Donda Album

 Rapper Kanye West’s Childhood Home Being Rebuilt Gives Clue About Donda Album

Photographs circulating online appear to reveal rapper Kanye West has built a structure resembling his childhood home ahead of an upcoming listening party.

This week, US rapper and fashion designer Kanye West will be hosting his third listening party event for Donda, his hotly anticipated tenth studio album. The event will be held at Chicago’s Soldier Field stadium, in the city where Kanye grew up and kickstarted his musical career.

Kanye’s manager has confirmed Donda will drop after the August 26 event. Until then, fans will be looking for clues as to what they can expect.

Photos taken from inside the stadium show the beginnings of a blue structure, intended to look like the home where Kanye was raised by his beloved mother, English professor Dr. Donda West.

Although, one fan thinks this hints towards the long-awaited album is only made available to listen to in the flesh, writing, ‘That theory must be true. Donda is a listening event.. instead of it ever dropping physically or digitally you have to listen to it sonically in person only. This may be the tour of a lifetime. Congrats on setting the tone for the next generation Mr. West.’

This theory was first posted on a subreddit, suggesting Kanye was set to release the ‘First official unreleased album’. It’s certainly an intriguing thought, with the Reddit user theorizing that Kanye’s ‘concept with Donda is an album that has materialized itself into existence without being officially released’.

According to this intriguing post, the tracks on Donda will still be played on the radio, and there will still be album reviews, with Kanye wanting ‘everyone to pretend and act like it’s out. However, it will not actually be available for purchase.

Citing evidence for this, the poster remarked upon the mask worn by Kanye while promoting his album, as well as the completely black cover art, which they believe represents ‘an album you can’t see’.

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