Musicians gain Facebook fans before VMAs

 Musicians gain Facebook fans before VMAs

MTV-VMAs-Entertainment NewsAhead of MTV’s Video Music Awards musicians have been drumming up support for themselves by asking fans on Facebook to vote for them.

On August 28 the annual MTV Video Music Awards, commonly known as the VMAs, will honor the best in music videos.

Ahead of the awards ceremony musicians have been using their Facebook pages to ask fans to vote for them via the MTV site. This drive to gain votes is most likely the reason why, according to, the majority of Facebook pages with the biggest increase in fans over the past week belonged to musicians.

The data from social media analysts shows that Pink gained the most fans over the week prior to August 16 with 1,683,303 new Facebook fans. The closest musician to Pink was Nicki Minaj with 870,522 fans followed AC/DC with 717,759 fans — though the inclusion of the veteran rockers was not directly related to the awards.

The popularity of the awards among Facebook users is illustrated by Pink’s post regarding the VMAs, which so far has attracted nearly 10,000 ‘likes’ alone.

Artist Rihanna, in fifth place this week, is consistently popular on Facebook and is second only to Eminem in terms of total fans on the social networking site, although despite being nominated for several awards for her collaborations in videos with Kanye West and Eminem the star did not mention the awards on her Facebook page.

Interestingly Adele, whose “Rolling in the Deep” is nominated for Best Pop Video, Best Female Video, and Best Art Direction Video, among others, does not appear in the top ten pages with the biggest increase in fans over the past week — despite the fact that she did post about the awards on Facebook.

The top ten Facebook pages with the largest increase in fans over the past week, according to data from, are:

01. Pink (+1,683,303 fans this week)
02. Leo Messi (+1,035,512 fans this week)
03. Nicki Minaj (+870,522 fans this week)
04. AC/DC (+717,759 fans this week) Not in VMAs but recently re-released ‘Iron Man 2’ soundtrack
05. Rihanna (+685,166 fans this week)
06. Facebook (+639,498 fans this week)
07. The Smurfs (+635,302 fans this week)
08. Michael Jackson (+620,939 fans this week)
09. Harry Potter (+609,154 fans this week)
10. Tercer Cielo (+601,285 fans this week) not in the VMAs

Source: AFP Relaxnews

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