Miley Cyrus Writhes Mattress dwarf Dancer headline Grabbing Scene Bangerz tour

 Miley Cyrus Writhes Mattress dwarf Dancer headline Grabbing Scene Bangerz tour

She’s no stranger to causing controversy thanks to her raunchy antics on her Bangerz tour. But one segment in Miley Cyrus’ show is more headline-grabbing than the rest and involves her writhing around on a bed with a dwarf as she belts out her track Get It Right. Miley Cyrus bioThe 21-year-old singer was seen wearing a red leotard, shrug and cowboy boots as she lay on the bed, with her legs wrapped around a wig-wearing dancer on the bed. Miley Cyrus performance came as she took her tour to Washington, DC, on Thursday night. The Wrecking Ball star has long used dwarves in her shows, but one woman who took part in Miley Cyrus now infamous VMA’s twerking performance later revealed she felt degraded by the experience.

Miley Cyrus PictureDancer Hollie Jane wrote on her blog: ‘I was a bear in Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance and. . . for the first time I felt truly ashamed of being a little person. ‘I will be the first one to tell you that standing on that stage, in that costume was one of the most degrading things I felt like I could ever do.’ However, it seems that Miley Cyrus controversial antics are more than paying off for the star – with the price of tickets for the Bangerz tour rising to around $200 each on the secondary market.

Miley Cyrus musicIt’s quite a turnaround for the singer. Back in February a report on Australia’s NineMSN music blog, MusicFix suggested that Miley Cyrus management has been subject to a slew of complaints due to the raunchy outfits Miley Cyrus wears and her provocative actions on stage. Miley’s management have been flooded with complaints, mainly from parents, since her tour began last week in Canada with calls for the entire tour to be axed,’ a source told the website.

Miley Cyrus singer‘Her team, including management, record label execs and the entire tour staff including the director, costume department and choreographers – have been called for an emergency meeting as arenas across the US threaten to pull out of the show,’ a claim Live Nation denied to Mail Online. Miley Cyrus defended herself against her critics when she recently tweeted: ‘I don’t think people realize how much energy I put into my shows & how much their bad energy brings me down.  -Dailymail

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