Mario Falcone Shares Embarrassing Snap Of Fan’s Nip-Slip

 Mario Falcone Shares Embarrassing Snap Of Fan’s Nip-Slip

Mario Falcone imagesMario Falcone posted an embarrassing snap of a fan after she suffered a nipple slip while posing for a photo with him on his Twitter page. Mario FalconeThe Only Way is Essex regular shared the picture of the brunette on Monday, after she revealed a little more than she had hoped. ‘So this happened on a recent club appearance haha! Tut tut lady’, Mario told his 900,000 followers. However he obviously felt a little guilty later, writing: ‘Very funny but taking it down… Feel bad on the girl x’ before removing the image. The 25-year-old looks oblivious as he poses in a simple black T-shirt, while his female companion is seen in a plunging look.

Mario Falcone shoesThe TOWIE star – whose love life has been well documented in front of the cameras – is also seen with his trademark quiff. On the same day, Mario informed his fans that he was having a post-Christmas spring clean before heading out for dinner in Brentwood. He wrote: ‘Just had a shoe clear out… These are the ones that remain…. I love trainers!’ while posting a picture of a vast selection of footwear. In the TOWIE Christmas special, Mario is seen having a heart to heart with ex-fiance Lucy Mecklenburgh in which she told him she was feeling confused. Getting upset, Lucy said: ‘If it could be like it was in the beginning it could be amazing, but my head is saying what are you doing? ‘We’ve got to either give it ago and see what happens, or we just go away.’

Mario Falcone GirlfriendShe finally decided she needed some time out – meaning she will be leaving the show for the foreseeable future. She explained: ‘The only way I can conclude this is if I go away for a bit. I need to get away for a bit. It’s the only way we can move on. This is it.’ She then hugged Mario and kissed him on the lips, before quietly sneaking away from the party leaving all her friends and co-stars behind. -Dailymail

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