Lily Allen in Black Skintight Jumpsuit Performed live at the Mojo Club in Hamburg

 Lily Allen in Black Skintight Jumpsuit Performed live at the Mojo Club in Hamburg

Lily Allen singer opted for a jumpsuit

She’s had a hectic few months of partying and travel. And Lily Allen shows no sign of slowing down as she performed live at the Mojo Club in Hamburg, Germany, on Monday. The 29-year-old star looked as show-stopping as ever, wearing a body-hugging black net jumpsuit.

Lily Allen
Lily Allen performs live at Mojo Club in Hamburg, Germany

Lily Allen seemed to be wearing very little underneath her kinky attire while her hair was wound into a high-bun with a dramatic orange fringe. She also added extra height to her stature with a pair of towering black platform heels. The singer recently unveiled her bold new hair colour, debuted on Twitter with the caption: ‘Orange hair hench? Or nothench’.

Lily Allen singer
Lily performed at the Mojo Club in Germany, showing that she has no intentions of slowing down

She also added a snap of herself wearing novelty nipple earmuffs, with the caption: ‘Important earmuffs . Boobmuffs.’ Meanwhile, Lily Allen new album has been faring well in the UK top 40, where it claimed the number one spot during its first week of release, but Lily Allen’s Sheezus The singer also spoke about the inspiration for her new album, Sheezus, which was released on May 6.

Lily Allen pics
Lily Allen looked typically passionate as she performed on stage in Germany

She spoke to Cosmopolitan  of her tribute to Kanye West and his album Yeezus, saying: ‘What makes him Yeezus to me is that he is always open, honest, true to his word, and doesn’t give a hmm-mmm what anybody thinks. If that makes him Yeezus, then I sure as hell will be Sheezus.

Lily Allen
Lily Allen singer opted for a jumpsuit that hugged her every curve

But she added that one of the biggest lessons she’s learned from fame is  ‘not believing her own hype.’ She adds: ‘I’m a nice person. For every stupid and controversial thing that gets printed, there’s a good intention behind it.’ -dailymail

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