Lea Michele ‘Shellshocked’ At Cory Monteith’s Memorial

 Lea Michele ‘Shellshocked’ At Cory Monteith’s Memorial

Lea Michele Shellshocked At Cory Monteiths Memorial

Lea Michele was “shellshocked” at Cory Monteith’s memorial. The 26-year-old actress and her ‘Glee‘ castmates and crewmembers held a vigil for her 31-year-old boyfriend and co-star – who died following a heroin and alcohol overdose earlier this month – on Thursday (25.07.13) at Paramount studios where ‘Glee’ is filmed and Lea found it difficult.

A source told that “Everyone made time for Lea and talked to her and cried with her – she was shellshocked, but was very happy to be surrounded by her peers. It was exactly what she needed. “Many of the cast were talking about their memories based on specifics places of the set. The memorial was basically a remember ‘what happened here or there’ type of situation.”

While the cast and crew found the memorial emotional, the insider admitted it was also therapeutic for everyone to share their memories of the tragic star. The insider added: “There were about 200 people there, and tears started flowing every time a story was told, but there were laughs and smiles as well when some stories were told. It was very therapeutic. It was exactly what you would expect when people get together to give respect to a person that was so important to them.” – Femalefirst

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