Lady Gaga Loves Being Naked

 Lady Gaga Loves Being Naked

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Lady Gaga loved running around naked as a child. The ‘Applause’ hitmaker claims she feels confident and comfortable wearing very little in public because she lost all her inhibitions when she was young.

The 27-year-old eccentric singer told Sirius XM’s ‘The Morning Mash Up’: ”I definitely walked around naked a lot as a kid, and my mom used to joke with me because I would always try to freak the babysitter out and…hide behind the couch and rip all my clothes off and run around and singing ‘The Little Mermaid’ or whatever.

”And now really what it’s more about is I find it very interesting to be able to transform as much as possible with very little makeup and nude. ”So I spend a lot of time in the mirror with these wigs, and the makeup and the outfits, figuring out how I am going to become somebody new.”

The ‘Bad Romance’ singer previously claimed that she no longer cares about her body and only stays in shape because she is afraid that speculation about her weight could overshadow her music.

She said: ”Well you know, I had to get back in shape, but to be fair I have never cared about my weight … it’s other people that care. I do fear at times that if I’m not in shape, people will talk about that and not my music.”

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