Lady Gaga Dumped By Boyfriend

 Lady Gaga Dumped By Boyfriend

Lady GaGa has reportedly split up with her boyfriend.

Lady Gaga Dumped By Boyfriend

The ‘Applause’ hitmaker has been dumped by her actor beau Taylor Kinney – whom she has been dating  since 2011 – after he struggled to deal with her demanding work schedule.

Taylor has told her she’s married to her career and that he can’t deal with dating Gaga the mega-star and all her obsessions and alter-egos.

“He loves the cool, down-to-earth girl but hardly gets to see her. Gaga never stops working — she writes songs in the shower and dreams up new outfits in her sleep.

“She has a whole security team as well as several assistants with her at all times. Out of every month there’s maybe just one night out of her and his crazy work schedules that they can be a couple.”

The 27-year-old singer has been struck with a string of bad luck this year after undergoing debilitating hip surgery in February, having life-long friends turn their backs on her, and losing her pet dog Alice last week.

However, as Lady Gaga – real name Stefani Germanott – attempted to throw herself back into her work after the split, Taylor was photographed with his ‘Chicago Fire’ co-star Brittany Curran at a recent baseball game.

The source said: “Maybe they’ll work things out over Thanksgiving. Gaga’s hoping to meet up with Taylor when their schedules allow to talk things through. Taylor told her they need time apart, and it’s looking as if this might lead to a permanent split. He’s been hanging out with other girls in Chicago and hasn’t seen Gaga for weeks now.femalefirst

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