Kim Kardashian opens up about Pregnancy and Reveals she is Craving Sushi

 Kim Kardashian opens up about Pregnancy and Reveals she is Craving Sushi

Pregnant Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Even the likes of Kim Kardashian can’t escape the difficulties of pregnancy. The reality superstar has opened up about how she is feeling now she and Kanye West are expecting – and luckily for her no morning sickness.  And even though Kim is roughly three months along she managed to fulfill her business obligations and hosted a party in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve, reportedly earning herself $300,000. Speaking to E! News the 32-year-old revealed that pregnancy is ‘not fun’ and that she is suffering from ‘growing pains’.

She also said that though she and Kanye, 35, do not know the sex of the baby yet, they are planning on finding out as soon as they can, according to media. Kim said: ‘I take lots of naps. Actually I feel really good. This New Year is just about being happy and healthy and that’s what I plan on doing. ‘I wouldn’t say that pregnancy has been easy but there’s been no morning sickness. ‘When people say pregnancy is fun and they love it, I would disagree. I think from this stage on it does become easier and funner but it’s just adjusting.’

She added: ‘Even my sister has made it look so easy and it’s not as easy as people think. It’s a little painful, there’s a lot of growing pains. ‘But I’ve heard it’s all worth it so I’m looking forward to that.’ And as for any weird cravings, The Keeping Up With the Kardashian’s star said she is longing for seafood – though she knows it’s not encouraged for pregnant women.  She said: ‘I’m craving sushi, but I know I can’t really have it, so I’m eating a lot of carrots and celery with lots of ranch.’ Kim also doesn’t mind if she has a boy or a girl, and claimed: ‘No preference, I just want a healthy baby.’

The Twitter addicted star took to the social networking site to promote her new fragrance but later removed the post. Kim said she was really ‘excited’ about her new scent but her followers may have though it made her seem too mercenary when she should be thinking about motherhood.  She also Tweeted about her beauty line, saying: ‘So excited about our #KhromaBeauty products launching this year! ‘Look forward to so many things this year! – Dailymail

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