Kim Kardashian Flashes bra revealing Ensemble run Errands LA

 Kim Kardashian Flashes bra revealing Ensemble run Errands LA

She has had a whirlwind few weeks, jetting to New York and Paris following her lavish wedding to husband Kanye West last month.

Kim Kardashian fashion and style
Kim displays her hourglass figure in a backless ensemble as she runs errands in LA

But on Monday, it looked as though Kim Kardashian was getting back to normality as she confidently strutted out for a day of shopping in Calabasas. The 33-year-old reality star caught people by surprise as she revealed an almost-backless white top that revealed her bra.

Kim Kardashian
Kim proved she’s got bra-vado as she confidently arrived in LA

From the front, it looked as though Kim had covered up in a rather formal white outfit. However, once seen from behind it was clear that Kim was in a much more revealing mood for the day of shopping. Kim chose a pair of summer yellow heels and a tight clinging skirt to complement the top.

kimkardashian's Profile
Mrs. Kardashian-West strutted along confidently as she arrived wearing a skin-tight

The night before, Kim – who recently told Mail Online that she will ‘always’ be in the honeymoon period with her husband – was seen going on a date with Kanye West at Craig’s in West Hollywood. Kim appeared to be in a perfectly calm mood on both occasions – despite a new report that one of her assistants had damaged her car.

Kim Kardashian Pictures
Kim Kardashian’s car featured paint scrapes after a mishap

The star’s assistant is alleged to have scraped up her black $300,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II by hitting a mailbox while backing out of Kim’s driveway. According to TMZ Kim’s assistant is not being held financially responsible for the damage, with the star footing the bill herself.

kim kardashian song
Kim looked as though she was sashaying down a runway as she went about her day

The gossip website claims that repairs on the car could exceed $20,000. Mail Online has contacted Kim Kardashian’s reps for comment. -dailymail

Kim and daughter
Kim shared this photo from the weekend of daughter North West celebrating her first birthday

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