Khloe Kardashian: It’s Great You Realized Your Marriage Was A Lie

 Khloe Kardashian: It’s Great You Realized Your Marriage Was A Lie

khloe and lamar photosKhloe, your decision to divorce Lamar Odom had to be unbelievably hard — you still love the man. But no woman, least of all a strong woman like yourself, can live in a marriage where your husband plies you with lies.

Khloe Kardashian, deciding to throw in the towel on a marriage is never easy, and in this case, it’s especially difficult, because you’ve never stopped loving Lamar Odom. You fell madly in love with Lamar in Aug. 2009 and you were married within a month. Despite dealing with Lamar’s alleged drug issues for almost two years, you’ve never stopped trying to save Lamar and your marriage, but sadly, nothing has worked has learned that it was Lamar’s relentless lying that finally made you realize that there was no hope for you two as a couple.

khloe and lamar images“Khloe was fed up with Lamar not telling the truth in couples’ therapy. The therapist made it clear that the only way their marriage could be saved was if both Khloe and Lamar were 100% honest during their sessions,” a friend of the couple told exclusively. But, “what Khloe is so outraged about is [Lamar’s] unwillingness to take responsibility and his complete unwillingness to tell the truth.”

khloe and lamarApparently Lamar wouldn’t even discuss the video which he made while allegedly drunk and in which he rapped about cheating.Only after all your intensive efforts and living apart for months did you reluctantly decide to pull the plug. Most women would not have been able to keep it together like you have.A husband and wife are supposed to be true partners and best friends. They’re supposed to be honest with each other, confide in each other and hold no secrets. They’re also supposed to support each other. On all these counts, Lamar was failing you, Khloe. -Hollywood

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