Katie Price Regrets Love Tattoos

 Katie Price Regrets Love Tattoos

Katie Price regrets having tattoos of her exes’ names. Glamour model Katie Price is haunted by the body art she got while married to ex-husband Peter Andre and in a relationship with ex-fiancé Leandro Penna, but Katie admits she hasn’t “really learnt her lesson” when it comes to permanent ink.

Katie Price Chatting to co-presenter Mark Dolan on her FUBAR radio show yesterday.  Katie Price – who is currently married to Kieran Hayler – shared: “The thing is, a lot of us do it – you get names of your other halves on you and then you split up and then you’re stuck with a name. This has happened to me twice with the Pete one and now I’ve got Leo on my ankle. So what do you do? “Do you have it lasered off? But then you’re left with the scar.

Katie Price imagesOr do you try and create something to go over it? Surely you have to have something a bit bigger to cover it. So I don’t know what to do … I’ve got Leo and then the date [we met] – that’s sad. It bloody hurts – all that detail.” However, Katie’s regrets don’t appear to have put the businesswoman off any further trips to the tattoo parlour. Katie Price told listeners: “I do want a new tattoo but I’ve got to finish my thigh one yet. They are very addictive.”

Katie Price photosThe 36-year-old mother-of-five already has several tattoos, including a crown on her wrist and a bow around her ankle, but revealed she once longed for a butterfly inked in between her legs. She explained: “You know what I did want to do but I thought I couldn’t bear the pain – you know when you open your legs, I wanted a butterfly tattooed there. But I don’t think I could sit with my legs open and it would bloody hurt. I’ve got a pink heart there – just above – where they normally have their Brazilian strip.” -femalefirst

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