Jorgie Porter is virtually unrecognisable

 Jorgie Porter is virtually unrecognisable

Jorgie Porter actress

She shot to fame playing the glamorous Theresa McQueen in Hollyoaks. But Jorgie Porter was virtually unrecognisable as she stepped out completely make-up free on Thursday. Ditching her usual bombshell look, the 26-year-old actress opted for a bare-faced vibe as she headed out for a catch-up with her ex-boyfriend, Andrew Collinge, who she split from back in 2011.

Jorgie Porter images
Jorgie Porter

The Hollyoaks star kissed goodbye to her usual false fluttering lashes, golden tan and beautifully bronzed features and instead, showcased her porcelain complexion in all its glory. Wearing her platinum blonde locks scraped back off her face, the soap beauty completed her make-up free look with an equally low-key outfit. Wrapping up in a khaki fur-lined parka, Jorgie Porter wore a simple black crew-neck jumper with loose-fitting jeans and sporty trainers.

Jorgie Porter and Andrew Collinge
Jorgie Porter and Andrew Collinge

The actress toted her belongings in a stylish black lace handbag, and was carrying a positively adorable pet pooch in her arms as she wandered alongside her former flame. In spite of it being a potentially awkward encounter, Jorgie Porter seemed happy and at ease in Andrew’s company, with the pair sharing a joke and chatting away in a friendly manner. Jorgie Porter – who is now in a long-term relationship with former co-star Will Atherton – recently announced she was returning to Hollyoaks, just three months after quitting the Channel 4 soap for pastures new.

Jorgie Porter photos
Jorgie Porter stylish black lace handbag

Fans of the show saw her alter-ego Theresa flee the village after being accused of the murder of Calvin Valentine, played by heartthrob Ricky Whittle. Jorgie Porter told the Daily Star: ‘I’m excited to be returning. Theresa is awaiting trial but has some serious unfinished business before then. I can’t wait to be a McQueen again.’ The blonde was previously adamant that she wouldn’t be reprising her role as bolshie Theresa anytime soon, insisting she was happy to be out of the all-consuming soap bubble.

Jorgie Porter pics
Jorgie Porter glamorous Theresa McQueen in Hollyoaks

She said: ‘I love the show and I love the people, but it’s good to have a massive break because I’ve been working solidly for almost six years, every day, even weekends. ‘It’s a bubble and it’s life-consuming. You forget about the real world and then you crawl out of it and you’re like, “Oh yes, there’s people! Normal people”.’Jorgie Porter will return to Hollyoaks later this year. -dailymil

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