Pregnant Haley Slaton Falls Shorts with Miley Cyrus Cover during American Idol Audition

 Pregnant Haley Slaton Falls Shorts with Miley Cyrus Cover during American Idol Audition

Haley Slaton; Photo Courtesy ABC, American Idol

Haley Slaton, an American Idol contestant, is expecting her first child, but she refuses to let her pregnancy stop her from continuing to pursue her musical dreams.

“Being on the show pregnant is actually not going to be an obstacle for me,” Slaton admitted ahead of her audition. “Just being a mom shouldn’t stop you from following your dreams. I just really want to do this for my son and give him a really good life. I really want to show him to never stop chasing his dreams in the future. Never give up on your dreams, mommy went and chased hers.”

Slaton, a 23-year-old temp agency worker, auditioned for Idol while pregnant with her first child, a boy.

The Cedar Rapids, Iowa native has been singing in church since she was three years old and is determined to pursue a career in music, as per news.

Slaton auditioned with a cover of Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb,” followed by a pianist.

The judges were not overly impressed with her remake of the Miley Cyrus hit and offered her some constructive criticism.

“Hmmm. Raspy, Luke what do you think?” Katy Perry asked.

“Not perfect, it wasn’t a perfect audition,” Luke Bryan said. “There were some amateur moments, but then there were some real moments, and I wonder if you would be able to begin to replicate those more, that’s the million-dollar question.”

According to the last time I studied anatomy, the baby is close to the lungs if I can remember. So holding a note may be quite difficult at certain times,” Lionel Richie added.

The judges decided to request that the expecting mother sing a different song.

“I think there’s a lot there, but we are not sure,” Perry admitted before asking her to sing her second song choice. “Fight for it, you’re fighting for your son, your future, your voice to be heard. Fight for it.”

She then performed a cover of Adele’s “One And Only” to prove herself and her vocal abilities.

“Alright, we got you, we’re going to give you a chance, this is going to be a lot. It’s a lot, you’re going through a life change and give it that and more every single time,” Perry told her.

“For you and little smokey, absolutely yes,” Richie said with a laugh.

Slaton received a clear response ‘yes,’ and she was awarded a golden ticket to Hollywood to pursue her dreams even further.

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