Ellie Goulding Goes Shopping in An Oversized top

 Ellie Goulding Goes Shopping in An Oversized top

Some people wear their heart on their sleeve, but Ellie Goulding wears love on her front. The singer was spotted in an America football jersey with the French word ‘Amour’ emblazoned on the front, black Nike trainers and a cheetah baseball cap. The romantic top was no doubt second best to actually having her boyfriend Dougie Poynter around as she continues touring in Eastern Europe.

Ellie Goulding images
Ellie Goulding looked like she was missing her lover Dougie Poynter

Goulding was spotted at the Golden Terraces shopping centre in Warsaw, Poland, where she was seen taking photos with fans who recognised her despite her oddball outfit. Ellie Goulding had gone without trousers with her football jersey, just a pair of black trainers, glasses and a colourful snapback. Wearing minial make-up, the singer checked out a few shops ahead of her concert in the city, but soon she headed back to her room at the Intercontinental Hotel.

Ellie Goulding
Ellie was accompanied by a friend as she did a little shopping on tour

Ellie Goulding  has been proving that, unlike some touring artists, she’s been keeping up her fitness as she travels the globe. The 27-year-old singer pulled on some skin-tight leopard print running shorts for her exercise session in the Polish capital. Ellie Goulding also wore a black vest and teamed her look with a pair of running shoes. The star added a pair of sunglasses to her look, perhaps in an attempt to be inconspicuous, and also went make-up free for her jog.

Ellie Goulding
Ellie wore the minimum of make-up behind her thick glasses

The Goodness Gracious hitmaker has previously spoken about her love of running and admitted she either listens to fast-paced music or more chilled out tunes so she can ‘concentrate’ on her strides.  She previously told BANG Showbiz: ‘I either run to something really kind of heavy like some drum and bass or something, or something really chilled something that engages my brain so I concentrate. ‘I think that in classical music there’s lots of kind of complex things that makes you – well, you get distracted by so many things going on that by the time you think,

Ellie Goulding music
Ellie stopped by Zara wearing a funky cheetah hat

“That was amazing, that was really good,” you’ve kind of done a mile or so.’ What’s more, Ellie also confessed she is an ‘endorphin addict’ and loves to train hard on regular occasions. She added: ‘The thrill of running is purely physical. I could tell you it’s a spiritual high but that would be a lie. I’m an endorphin addict. I love the idea of my body being how it should be – in shape and active, able to deliver. The more I train and see muscle definition, the more inspired I am to push myself harder.’ -dailymail

Ellie Goulding
Ellie always looks in tip-top shape while on stage doing

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