Chelsea Handler Loves Making Men Cry

 Chelsea Handler Loves Making Men Cry

Photo: Chelsea Handler / Instagram

Chelsea Handler likes to make one grown man cry every week. Talk show host Chelsea Handler described herself as a “big insulter” and insisted she finds it “funny” to “abuse men” only to watch them come back anyway. She told the Sunday Times Culture magazine: “OK, yeah, I’m a big insulter. The more you abuse men, the more they come back. It’s funny to watch.

“Then I realize I’ve taken it too far because the person I’m insulting is about to cry. It’s quite easy to make a grown man cry twice in one day, so I like to stick to once a week.” While some might consider it a cruel tactic in the name of comedy, the Chelsea Handler Lately’ presenter explained she quickly learned that “everything is material” after telling other drink-driving offenders about her own arrest. She added: “I started in stand-up when I told my drunk-driving arrest story to a class of other offenders, and they suggested I do comedy. After that I realized, everything is material.”

Even friends and their personal stories – without changing their identities – made it into her book ‘Chelsea Handler: Uganda Be Kidding Me’. She revealed: “My girlfriend Hannah didn’t speak to me for the first two months after the book was out because I told the truth of what happened in Africa. She was taking doxycycline, hallucinating, and thinking the safari guides were going to rape us.

“First of all, I told her, if they’re going to rape us, they’re not going to do it the day we arrive. She asked me to change her name and I forgot. When she rang, I said, ‘No one will connect the dots that you’re the Hannah I’m friends with. No one knows who you are, don’t worry about it.’ “She said, ‘There are photos of me in the book that says ‘Hannah’ underneath them. I said, ‘You know what? This is a bad connection. We’ll talk again in about two months’ time.

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