Cameras caught- shocked Justin Bieber visiting the Brothel

 Cameras caught- shocked Justin Bieber visiting the Brothel

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Justin has been partying tougher, harder and in his own sexy way than ever on his ‘Believe’ tour, and seemingly he took his nights in Colombia and Rio de Janeiro in thrilling because no one in his entourage is willing to say ‘No’ to him, a source tells

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Justin Bieber shocked Beliebers with two back-to-back nights of wild behavior when he illegally sprays painted a wall in Colombia on Oct. 31 and then hit up Rio’s swankiest brothel and more on that also kicked out of his hotel when caught with  two prostitutes on Nov. 1. Well, he was just having fun with them ,, he clearly got carried away .

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He honestly didn’t think he was doing something wrong. Nobody ever tells him not to do anything, he does what he wants as no one has ever said no to me and I do things in the coolest way as I  thought it was okay. He really walked into this firestorm not aware that the person paying the bills and providing the fun to have good time will never be told “no.”

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It’s cool to give Justin what he wants so nobody will tell him “no” because they want to live the life he has — and once anyone questions it, then they will not be invited anymore. Nobody wants to be the narc!

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It was reported that he kept his sunglasses on inside, where he was up to select 8 women to bring back to his penthouse at the Copacabana Palace. When he realized that each woman charged $1,200 a night, however, he reportedly settled on two. Ah… but the cameras caught him, how can he  hide his signature arm tattoos which are so popular amongst the people , so he and the two women he was with were busted by the paparazzi.

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