Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are rumored to be moving to a surprising area

 Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are rumored to be moving to a surprising area

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According to reports, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, and Blake Reynolds are on the move. The Hollywood pair, according to OK Magazine, is looking for a new method to spice up their home life. The couple is reportedly considering settling down in Nashville.

Reynolds and Lively are currently raising their three daughters, James, Inez, and Betty, in upstate New York. They have a good time there. “Harsh winters” appear to be forcing them to reconsider their plans. A source claims that they want to make it to Nashville. “Nashville checks all the boxes because it’s warmer but still has seasons, it’s hip and it’s far from the Hollywood scene.”

Why are they looking to move to Nashville? OK, Magazine They reported that they had traveled to the Music City during the beginning stages of their relationship. The couple is looking to find a home in Music City, as it holds a special place for them. Lively and Taylor Swift are close friends, so they have a lot of advantages.

According to a source, “Blake and Taylor are still super closes, but they don’t get to see each other much. If they were in the same city, they could hang out together all the time.” Lively and Reynolds may be moving to Nashville but they will not leave their home in upstate New York.

However, an insider confirmed that they did. “they’re excited about moving someplace new,” adding, “Nashville would be a lot of fun.” When you visit the couple’s New York home, you’ll understand why they won’t be selling it. E! News Lively and Reynold, according to sources, live in a small community outside of Bedford, Westchester County.

As per the reports, the pair is said to have been living there since 2012. The estate is about 8,000 sq . ft and has seven bedrooms. There is also a barn on the site. The couple’s neighbors include Martha Stewart, Michael Douglas, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Reynolds and Live are considered Bedford landmarks by locals. “extremely nice and well-liked.” It’s possible that the couple is happy in Bedford and would like to move to Nashville.

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