Rumors: Barack Obama is apparently furious with Michelle over celebrity crushes

 Rumors: Barack Obama is apparently furious with Michelle over celebrity crushes


Do Barack and Michelle Obama no longer exist? Recent reports claim that the couple’s different interests and Michelle’s roving gaze are the roots of their marriage issues. Check out the previous first family.

Is Barack Obama mad at celebrity crush?

A “crisis” in Michelle Obama’s marriage to Barack was reportedly being brought on by her crush on Formula 1 racer Lewis Hamilton, according to a recent report in the World. Sources became alarmed after Michelle visited a practice session at Hamilton in Miami and was seen in a tight embrace with the driver. “It was kind of scary how attracted she was to him,” an insider shared. “This is really testing Barack’s patience, but she doesn’t seem to care!”

According to NZ Top News, at the time, we saw that Mrs. Obama often gave hugs. The activist and public personality always give people hugs as they enter the room. For violating royal protocol and hugging the Queen in 2009, she even faced strong criticism in the British press. You can’t expect anyone to believe such a ridiculous story about Michelle jeopardizing her marriage based on a single picture of her hugging someone.

Barack and Michelle having “screaming matches”?

But the World wasn’t ready to let this one pass. The tabloid came back with a story about Michelle undergoing cosmetic work so she would look younger for the “hunky” Lewis Hamilton. “Barack is appalled that Michelle is dressing up and flirting with younger men,” a tipster said. “It’s humiliating for him and something he’s not prepared to tolerate.”

Sometimes, when there’s no real evidence to consider, it’s enough to ask, “Does that sound right to you?” And as far as this story goes, our answer is a resounding “no.” Michelle has never shown any interest in plastic surgery, younger men, or making her husband uncomfortable. And since the former first lady hadn’t been connected to Hamilton at all since their brief encounter a few weeks prior, we simply couldn’t buy what the magazine was selling here.

Do Michelle and Barack Obama “live separate lives”?

While still not letting go of the incident with Hamilton, the World tried a new angle. This time, Michelle was just too “Hollywood” and this caused problems between her and Barack. “She accepts invitations without Barack, hangs out with celebrities, and hosts private lunches and dinners in Los Angeles,” a tipster said. “She prefers the Californian climate and has pushed Barack aside thinking he’s basically useless as far as her schedule goes.”

Again, we couldn’t place the lady the magazine claimed to be Michelle Obama. Our inquiry found a dedicated activist. We witnessed a public figure whose image was based on advocacy and service. While it’s true that she and Barack became fully absorbed in the filming process, even that endeavor was begun with the intention of telling important and influential stories. So, sure, we didn’t think it was possible that she would leave her husband of 30 years and become a socialite in Hollywood.

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