David Eason Faces Serious Charges in Child Abuse Case Involving Stepson Jace Evans

 David Eason Faces Serious Charges in Child Abuse Case Involving Stepson Jace Evans

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David Eason, known from “Teen Mom,” is facing grave legal challenges as his child abuse case involving his stepson, Jace Evans, escalates. The case has been transferred to superior court, indicating the seriousness of the allegations. During a recent court appearance, Eason, 35, was indicted on charges of felony assault by strangulation in the alleged September 2023 incident, as confirmed by multiple reports and a court spokesperson.

Initially charged with misdemeanor child abuse on October 26, 2023, the charges stem from an incident where Jace, then 14, reportedly ran away from home. The teen allegedly told his grandmother, Barbara Evans, he fled due to an assault by Eason. This was Jace’s third attempt to run away.

Following his runaway attempt on September 28, 2023, Jace was located by authorities and hospitalized for a mental health evaluation. During his hospital stay, visible marks on his neck and arm led to an investigation by CPS and the police, with Jenelle Evans, Eason’s wife, being implicated in the inquiry.

The alleged assault is said to have occurred at another person’s home, with a Ring camera capturing the incident. Legal documents acquired by In Touch on October 26, 2023, accuse Eason of inflicting physical harm on Jace, leaving marks on his body.

Jenelle Evans, who married Eason in 2017, has publicly defended him against these accusations. However, her social media posts supporting Eason have reportedly led to a gag order as part of the Child Protective Services case, as they allegedly caused distress to the teenager.

Jace, the son of Jenelle and her ex Andrew Lewis, had previously run away twice from the reality TV star’s home, with the first instance reported on August 15, 2023. He was later found near his school, and again on August 28, he was located at a gas station after being reported missing.

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