Darius Jackson Countersues Keke Palmer, Alleging She is the ‘Primary Aggressor’ in Custody Battle

 Darius Jackson Countersues Keke Palmer, Alleging She is the ‘Primary Aggressor’ in Custody Battle


In a recent development in the ongoing legal battle between Darius Jackson and Keke Palmer, Jackson has made startling counter-claims against the actress. After Palmer, aged 30, successfully secured a temporary restraining order and took over child custody citing domestic abuse allegations, Jackson, also 30, is now accusing Palmer of being the “primary aggressor” in their relationship.

New court documents, which were made available to Page Six on Friday, reveal Jackson’s claims. The fitness trainer, contesting Palmer’s allegations, asserts that Palmer was the one engaging in abusive behavior. He accuses the actress of both physical and verbal abuse, painting a very different picture of their relationship dynamics.

Jackson provides specific incidents to support his claims. He recounts an episode from August 20, 2021, alleging that Palmer, known for her role in “Nope,” physically assaulted him by punching him in the face during a birthday party. Another incident he details took place on February 28, 2022, where he claims Palmer choked and hit him during an altercation.

Furthermore, the documents elaborate on Palmer’s alleged verbal abuse, especially when under the influence of alcohol. Jackson claims she routinely insulted him with derogatory terms such as “b*h, a punk a, and a loser.”

Amidst these revelations, Jackson is now seeking joint legal and physical custody of their 10-month-old son, Leodis. This move comes in the wake of Palmer obtaining a temporary restraining order against Jackson in early November, along with custody of their son, Leo.

About a month after securing the restraining order, Palmer attempted to move the hearing date, initially set for January 9th, 2024, to an earlier date to resolve their issues privately. Despite these efforts, Palmer is determined to maintain the restraining order against Jackson. Meanwhile, a criminal investigation into Palmer’s original claims of domestic abuse by Jackson is still active and ongoing.

This complex situation reflects the often intricate and multi-faceted nature of personal relationships, especially when they deteriorate into legal disputes. As both parties present contrasting accounts of their time together, the truth of the matter remains to be seen as legal proceedings continue.

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