‘Sandwich?’: Daniel Craig Appears on Interview With Bloody Cut Without Even Realizing It

 ‘Sandwich?’: Daniel Craig Appears on Interview With Bloody Cut Without Even Realizing It

© AP Photo / Leo Hudson

Iconic Hollywood actors Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem spoke about their latest roles as well as their singing and filming experience during a virtual chat for Variety’s Actors on Actor on Monday.

Actor Daniel Craig, appearing in the video with a small wound on his forehead, told Javier Bardem that over the years of playing the role of James Bond, he was rather injury prone on the film set.

At the end of the discussion, Bardem asked Craig about his wound and the latter, apparently unaware of it, first suggested that maybe it was just a piece of a sandwich.

“Have done this whole interview [like this],” Craig laughed before disappearing from the frame to take a look in the mirror.

“You know what it was… they’ve sent me this wonderful ring flash which I’ve set up with an iPad in the middle of it and it just fell on my head just before,” Craig said as he and Bardem erupted into more laughter.

The actor also complained jokingly about the numerous injuries he got during the 17 years of shooting scenes for the “James Bond” film series.

“Can you see how accident prone I am? No wonder I get f****** injured every time I do a movie!” he said.

“No Time To Die” was the fifth and final film of the James Bond series for actor Daniel Craig. The British actor made his debut in the role back in 2006 in “Casino Royale.”

Craig’s first serious injury was during the filming for “Casino Royale,” when he knocked out two of his front teeth while filming a fight scene.

In 2008, Craig had to wear a bandage during “Quantum of Solace” due to shoulder surgery. He also sprained his knee on the set of “007: Spectrum” in 2015 and injured his ankle on the set of “No Time to Die” in 2019. The actor has also undergone surgery and several weeks of rehabilitation.

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