Vogue and Cointreau Host a Supper Soiree

In the verdant environs of Bouley Botanical’s Tribeca event space, Vogue and Cointreau hosted a six-course soiree with a menu by Mr. Bouley himself. Athena Calderone, who has helmed Cointreau events all over New York from upstate to Montauk, presided over the evening in a golden yellow Katie Ermilio frock that perfectly matched the color of the potted crocus centerpieces.

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“I knew the color palette ahead of time,” she confessed. Said palette was chosen by fashion’s favorite florist duo Putnam & Putnam and created a lush landscape of the tabletop with a runner of jasmine vine, eucalyptus, and olive branches dotted with tangerines and kumquats.


Each placement was attached to a twine-tied mini-bouquet of wax flowers, lavender, and rosemary, and seat backs were covered in sheepskin throws so that bare-shouldered ladies like Britt Maren could keep cozy. Seated on Calderone’s right, Kyleigh Kühn wore a marl knit dress that, it was gleefully discovered by all, her grandmother had knit almost half a century ago. “I found it in her closet. She made a lot of them. Isn’t it amazing?” she asked happily. Lily Kwong astutely observed that, thanks to smartphones, our generation will never have to kill time by knitting. There goes another lost art! The art of entertaining, however, is flourishing as evidenced by last night’s event.

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