Modern interactive R2D2 robot for enhancing digital interactions

 Modern interactive R2D2 robot for enhancing digital interactions

BEBOP Design took the concept of well known R2-D2 and gave it a sleek makeover to give us all Information about Robot. This is an autonomous robot designed specifically for the Korean startup Zetabank that aims to make human lives safer and healthier with the help of robots.

Zetabank has a range of robots and this is their second collaboration with BEBOP. The companyэs mission is to imrpove our lives using artificial intelligence. Their Disinfectant Robot, Hospitality Robot, and Untact Robot are all designed keeping in mind how they can maximize utility and bring practicality to make our day-to-day more efficient. Continuing that legacy is Information Robot which is created as a service platform for digital interactions building upon the Hospitality Robotэs intelligence.

These digital interactions are enhanced by the robotэs autonomous movement in various commercial and residential spaces. Information Robot not only takes the best from its hospitality counterpart but also includes the best from the Disinfectant Robots. It features tech that enables it to purify the air and it becomes more efficient due to its ability to move around smoothly in large environments so it hits two targets with one arrow!

Information Robot maintains a coherent design language while accommodating its unique functional purpose. It presents a friendly and approachable personality while its large display is the focal point that invites people to interact with it. R2-D2 would certainly be envious of the minimal aesthetic and the tech upgrade!

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