‘General Hospital’ Fans Go Wild Over William DeVry Twitter Tease

 ‘General Hospital’ Fans Go Wild Over William DeVry Twitter Tease

In January, General Hospital fans had to bid farewell to actor William deVry and his character of Julian Jerome. Viewers were not happy about the casting decision to kill off deVry’s character, especially given that it certainly seemed there was no way back. However, a new tweet from the actor quickly generated a bit of buzz.

The Actor Loves To Toy With ‘General Hospital’ Fans
General Hospital fans who have followed deVry on Twitter over the years know he embraces any opportunity to toy with viewers. He sometimes spills secrets he shouldn’t, and he’s blunt when needed. An early morning June 1 Twitter post seemed to potentially fall into that first category of deVry playing with fans and getting their hopes up.

Could deVry be returning to General Hospital, despite previously telling fans he wouldn’t be interested? Could the writers bring Julian back somehow? After all, they did just come up with a strategy to bring actor Roger Howarth back after killing off Franco. Fans made it clear they’d love for something similar to happen here.

Anxious Fans Hoped For Good News
The post that deVry shared on Tuesday morning showed him wearing a Rays baseball jersey and holding up one finger. He just so happened to be standing in front of the iconic General Hospital sign outdoors, signaling he was on the set. In his caption, he noted, “Nobody would have guessed that the @RaysBaseball would be #1 in American League going into June. Anyone?”

In that initial post, deVry didn’t specify whether this was an old photo or a current one. Naturally, followers flooded his post with hopeful responses and questions.

“Hey what does this mean are you coming back to #GH? Because if you are I will start watching again,” one fan responded.

“So are you coming back as another character on GH @valentinifrank? Roger and Michael did. Why can’t you?” someone else queried. As the General Hospital fan noted, the show wrote out both Howarth and Michael Easton and then back in again as distinct characters.

Disappointing Clarification
“Are you teasing us? I am sure you have many pics of you in your Ray’s shirt,” another post read.

DeVry didn’t reply to every post, but he did tweet back to one fan with disappointing news. When asked if he was trying to tell everybody something, he simply replied, “No recycled picture.”

Even that wasn’t enough for some, who suggested punctuation could have added some clarity. To resolve that, the former General Hospital star added “Then it would be ‘No. Recycled picture.’” DeVry’s fans may continue to hope that someday, somehow he’ll return to General Hospital. Unfortunately, this time, it looks as if this photo really was all about the Rays and not about the background.

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