Feel The Magic of London Olympics 2012

 Feel The Magic of London Olympics 2012

Magic of London Olympics 2012The most entertaining and the most amazing of all news this year is the Olympics 2012 in the heart of Europe i.e. in London the city which is the most hostile and the most amazing host for the tourists all over the world. Now that the hype for the games have taken its peak we would here like to provide the entire picture of how the games are not just an entertainment for the sports lovers rather it is an entertainment provided to the entire world. Now if we take the stance of the fashion highs and fashion lows then the entire opening ceremony’s event will be the most amazing entertainment of the year 2012.

The Great Britain’s squad was spotted in white and gold and the most amazing thing we saw was that Stella McCartney’s got nothing against the white and gold that was worn but she just didn’t feel that it was the right way to wear the combination of the colors. The entertainment night and all the spotlights spotted that Sir Paul’s daughter or someone on her social media team clarified during the ceremony that the “she designed the Team’s performance kit, podium suit and village wear, not the Olympic ceremony suit.” This shows that the ceremony squad was not dressed according to the fashion trends and the desire of the designers although the entertainment of the ceremony overshadowed what the Britain wanted it’s representatives to be dressed like.

The latest entertainment is a mix of how celebrities all over the world are associated to the Olympics. Who would have missed the entertaining news of Amitabh Bachan carrying the torch for the Olympics 2012; all we have to see is that what this super star from Asia has to bring as an entertainment to the London city.

With all the star studded and fashion updated criteria the event will be an absolute entertainment for the people all over the world. From the prince’s wedding to the queen’s diamond jubilee, the London city have attracted the world’s attention throughout and now the most entertaining off all events is the Olympics 2012.

The opening ceremony of the entertaining event has shown the best, worst and the weirdest outfits in the London city; which is the fashion hub of England and the special athlete-inspired edition of fashion police left the audience in a state of surprise.

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