Disney Party Princesses Expose their Parents’ Complete Lack of Boundaries

 Disney Party Princesses Expose their Parents’ Complete Lack of Boundaries

Photo: Craziee Gracie / Instagram

Disney princess kids entertainers are calling out parents for their bad behavior at parties, and their alarming stories are circulating on TikTok.

While we’ve seen Disney characters go viral in the past, it’s usually for encounters with children rather than adults, such as the not-so-Evil Queen’s conversation with a 15-year-old boy at Disneyland or the small doppelgänger who almost caused Maleficent to break character.

However, these Disney party princesses show that it is occasionally the parents who steal the show at children’s parties.

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In one such viral video, TikToker and children’s performer @crazieegracie, dressed as Princess Jasmine from Aladdin, narrates the story of Harold, grandfather who doesn’t seem to understand the concept of “boundaries.”
According to Gracie, she was dressed as Wonder Woman for a young girl’s birthday celebration when a man approached her and asked if he may take her picture. “It’s just me. There are no children. “It’s just me,” Grace states frankly. “Why would he need that?”

Grace reluctantly agreed to the photo, but Harold’s wife interfered. “‘Harold, do you want to include your granddaughter in the picture with Wonder Woman?'” Grace remembers, imitating Harold’s wife.

They took the group photo only for Harold to turn around and ask for Grace’s phone number. “I could get your number and then I can text it over to you so you can have it?”

Unfortunately, Grace’s meeting with an adult who could not respect limits is not rare, as @georgiafawcett’s popular video demonstrates.

Georgia claims that when dressed as Mary Poppins, she had a terrible interaction with a parent after ending a back-to-back shift as Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

Instead of a flirtatious grandfather, Georgia had to put up with a mother who couldn’t understand that party entertainers don’t work for free.

The event occurred at a friend’s birthday BBQ, to which Georgia was invited as a guest rather than as entertainment. But as soon as this mother found out about Georgia’s work as a children’s entertainment, she sought to put her to work for the “bored” kids at the BBQ.

“‘Do you think you could just run a party game for them or, like, entertain them just for a bit? Just so they’re out of our hair for a couple of hours?’” Georgia recalls, imitating the woman.

Georgia shocked the mom when she then asked (“politely but slightly bluntly”), “Are you going to pay me?” She explained that she had been invited as a guest, had been entertaining kids all morning and was there to celebrate her friend’s birthday.

According to Georgia, this answer infuriated the woman, who then proceeded to complain about Georgia to “absolutely everybody” at the party.

“But, you know what, I had to set some boundaries,” Georgia explains. “Unless she was gonna pay me money, I was not going to entertain the kids.”

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