Clarissa Molina Opens Up About Her Separation and Amicable Relationship with Ex-Fiancé Vicente Saavedra

 Clarissa Molina Opens Up About Her Separation and Amicable Relationship with Ex-Fiancé Vicente Saavedra


Confirming months of circulating rumors, television host Clarissa Molina recently announced her split from ex-fiancé Vicente Saavedra, leading to the cancellation of their wedding engagement, initially announced in March 2022.

Following her statement confirming the separation, the former Nuestra Belleza Latina star traveled to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to begin filming a new movie. Initially, she maintained her distance from discussing the matter, but now she has broken her silence to address the separation and shed light on her current relationship with her ex-partner.

Having postponed their wedding for almost a year, Clarissa and the music producer gradually stopped sharing pictures together on social media, raising suspicions among their followers. Known for her discretion regarding her personal life, Clarissa had not disclosed any details to her colleagues on the Univision show El Gordo y la Flaca.

In an interview with Raúl de Molina and Lili Estefan, she shared, “Any separation, whether it lasts for one or two years, is difficult. When a couple goes through it, things are dealt with between them. We kept everything low-key and private. That’s how we handled it” told Hola.

She expressed her fondness for Vicente and the happiness they shared during their relationship. Reminiscing about their time together, she mentioned attending parties, walking red carpets, and enjoying romantic vacations by the sea.

While fans celebrated their happiness, Clarissa and Vicente chose to keep the best memories between themselves. “The moments I truly cherish are the ones without cameras, just him and me,” she shared with a smile, referring to Ozuna’s manager, whom she met while working on a movie with the singer.

Clarissa emphasized that the separation occurred on good terms, and they currently maintain an amicable relationship filled with great affection. “There is love between partners, and now there is familial love. He can always count on me,” she calmly expressed.

Reflecting on their courtship and engagement, Clarissa highlighted the lessons they learned from each other and the paths they have chosen to follow. While uncertain about the future, she reassured Vicente that he can rely on her for anything. Their communication remains intact, as she stated, “I know we will always be in touch. That’s for sure.”

As they navigate their separate paths, Clarissa Molina and Vicente Saavedra demonstrate maturity and respect, emphasizing the enduring bond they share despite their romantic separation.

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