Cher’s SHOCKING move to keep son away from his wife revealed

 Cher’s SHOCKING move to keep son away from his wife revealed


Cher is currently facing huge accusations of kidnapping her own son Elijah Blue. Cher is alleged to have hired four men to kidnap Elijah from a hotel room in New York. The accusations have been made by Elijah’s estranged wife Marie Angela King.

Marie says Cher did it to keep Elijah from getting back together with her. His estranged wife made the shocking claim in court records that she submitted to the Los Angeles Supreme Court back on December 5.

The matter was only just made public after Daily Mail obtained documents that are part of the couple’s ongoing divorce proceedings.

Marie asserts that Cher allegedly paid four men to kidnap Allman from a hotel room on their wedding anniversary. “We were alone for eight days straight, but on November 30, 2022, four men broke into our hotel room and took Elijah away.”

Marie added that the After All hitmaker also told her to leave the house in Elijah’s absence, “I did so on the idea that my support payments would be timely, and I would be able to afford housing.”

However, she goes on to say she wasn’t “given the access to any assets or to retrieve her belongings from the primary.”

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