Cher explains why she prefers dating younger men: ‘They are bold’

 Cher explains why she prefers dating younger men: ‘They are bold’

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Cher, the iconic superstar, has once again captured the public’s attention, but this time it’s due to her relationship with Alexander “A.E” Edwards, a relationship that began in 2022 and quickly sparked widespread discussion. The primary cause of the controversy is their significant age difference; Cher is 77, while Edwards is 38, setting a nearly four-decade gap between the two.

The relationship first came into the public eye when they were seen together during Paris Fashion Week in September 2022. Although the couple experienced a brief separation in May 2023, they managed to resolve their differences and rekindled their romance shortly thereafter. This on-again, off-again dynamic, coupled with their age difference, has led to much public scrutiny and speculation about the authenticity of their connection, told TMZ.

During a recent appearance on the Jennifer Hudson Show, Cher candidly discussed the dynamics of her dating life, particularly her preference for dating younger men. The 77-year-old singer explained that she finds relationships with younger men easier because older men tend to find her intimidating. This revelation provides some insight into her personal life and the choices that have shaped her romantic relationships.

“The reason I got with young men is because men my age are older – well now they’re all dead – but before, they were always terrified to approach me. And younger men – they were raised by women like me,” she explained. Hence, the Hollywood superstar finds younger men more “bold” than men her own age. In a series of tweets where she clapped back at naysayers, one particular tweet stood out. She declared, “Love doesn’t know math.”

Cher’s openness about her dating preferences sheds light on the societal challenges faced by women who choose younger partners, especially women in the public eye. The scrutiny that comes with such decisions often includes skepticism about the sincerity of the relationship, with many outsiders quick to judge the legitimacy of the couple’s feelings for each other.

Despite the raised eyebrows and the occasional criticism, Cher’s relationship with Edwards appears to be more than just a fleeting romance. Their ability to navigate the complexities of a public relationship, alongside handling the pressures of an age gap, speaks to a deeper connection between them. This situation highlights not only the personal nature of relationship choices but also the broader societal perceptions and biases that celebrities like Cher must navigate.

Cher’s relationship with Alexander Edwards challenges conventional norms about age and romance, especially in the celebrity world. As they continue to build their relationship in the public eye, their story may help shift perceptions and foster a more accepting view of diverse relationship dynamics. The ongoing discussion around their partnership not only reflects their personal choices but also serves as a commentary on the evolving attitudes towards age, relationships, and love in the modern world.

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