Will Kim Take over Angelina Role in New Tomb Raider?

 Will Kim Take over Angelina Role in New Tomb Raider?

will-kim-take-over-angelina-role-in-new-tomb-raiderIs it true that Kim Kardashian will be taking over Angelina Jolie’s role in Tomb Raider? Internet rumors say she will, but the Kardashian tells that it’s not happening. “That’s a good rumor,” she said. “But it’s not true.”

Personally I don’t think Kim Kardashian would make a good Laura Croft. Curves might be a requirement to portray the video game star, however, I believe that acting should be a requirement as well ! While Kim isn’t trying out for the role, another reality star wishes she could. Back on March 30th, Hedi Montag was gunning for the role.

On her Twitter she said, I want to be blonde tomb raider, i’m better with guns then both Angelina and Megan fox put together!” I guess overly large breast implants cause not only backaches, but delusions as well. Sad.

Both Kim and Heidi are no’s for me in this role. But if she can gain around 25 lbs, I think Megan Fox would make a good fit for Tomb Raider. Otherwise, perhaps Scarlett Johansson could go brunette for the role. She’s already proved she can be a kick-butt superhero from Iron Man 2. Though she’s not overly curvy, I think Jessica Biel would make a good candidate as well. Who could you like to see cast as Tomb Raider?

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