Whoopi Goldberg Critiques Supreme Court Decision on Trump in Colorful “The View” Discussion

 Whoopi Goldberg Critiques Supreme Court Decision on Trump in Colorful “The View” Discussion

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This morning on “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg captured the audience’s attention with her striking metaphor during a discussion about the recent Supreme Court decision involving former President Donald Trump, whom she cryptically refers to as “You Know Who.” The debate centered around the Supreme Court’s ruling on Monday, which stated that Colorado cannot exclude Trump from the state’s primary ballot due to his involvement in the insurrection.

Ana Navarro contributed to the conversation by pointing out the “normalization of bad behavior” that seems to revolve around Trump, emphasizing that this trend did not begin with his presidency. She recalled the notorious Access Hollywood tape where Trump was heard making lewd comments about women, marking a significant moment in his political journey where such behavior started becoming normalized, told Decider.

“The thing that bothers me about this, and I know it’s probably the right decision, but I don’t like that we’ve normalized this man,” Goldberg told her co-hosts. “It is really irritating the poo out of me that we have normalized him and his bad behavior.”

Following the applause for Navarro’s comments, Goldberg expressed her disillusionment with the Supreme Court, a body she once held in high regard. She criticized the court for seemingly providing a shield for Trump in its latest decision, reflecting on how the court’s dynamics have shifted over the years. Goldberg reminisced when the court was predominantly male, acknowledging its flaws but also recognizing the progress that had been made since then.

Navarro added, “There are so many things … that Donald Trump has done and said that would have mandated any other normal human being to resign in shame the next day.” She credited the Republicans continuing to vote for him for normalizing “evil and wrongdoing.”

However, she voiced concern over the recent regressions, noting how the advancements made by women are being reversed and historical progress is being erased. Goldberg highlighted the worrying trend of history being rewritten and the normalization of such changes, urging viewers to recognize the significance of their votes in local elections. She advocated for an America that functions better than the current state of affairs, emphasizing the importance of active participation in the democratic process to shape a more promising future.

“The View” continues to serve as a platform for vibrant discussions and debates, airing on weekdays at 11/10c on ABC, where hosts like Goldberg and Navarro engage with pressing political and social issues, sparking conversations among viewers across the nation.

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