Whoopi Goldberg storms onto the “View” stage, leaving Julia Roberts perplexed

 Whoopi Goldberg storms onto the “View” stage, leaving Julia Roberts perplexed


Whoopi Goldberg, known for her dynamic presence, added a touch of surprise to a recent episode of “The View.” During the show, which aired on Monday, Oscar-winner Julia Roberts was a guest to talk about her new Netflix thriller, “Leave the World Behind.”

In addition to her movie promotion, Roberts participated in the holiday edition of “The View’s” regular segment, “View Your Deal,” where she discussed her favorite Serge Normant haircare products. Describing a can of hairspray as “a little wow in a can,” Roberts unknowingly cued Goldberg for a humorous interruption.

Goldberg, an EGOT winner recognized for her roles in “Ghost” and “Sister Act,” was not initially part of this segment. However, she seized the moment for a comedic entrance, bursting out from backstage to join Roberts, Sunny Hostin, and Sara Haines on set.

Goldberg’s unexpected appearance was marked by her playfully grabbing the hairspray can from Roberts and running off with it, leaving the set amidst the show’s holiday decorations. Although Roberts was momentarily taken aback, she quickly joined Hostin and Haines in laughter once they realized it was Goldberg, leading Hostin to transition the show into a break.

The episode also featured a lively interview with Roberts, where she humorously commented on the show’s fast-paced and diverse range of questions, which included topics like the death of Matthew Perry, her role in “Mystic Pizza,” and the keys to a successful marriage.

“The View,” where this memorable moment occurred, airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC. The episode with Goldberg’s playful antics and Roberts’ interview can be viewed online.

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