Whoopi Goldberg Divides Fans As She Jumps To Defense of Controversial Guest on The View

 Whoopi Goldberg Divides Fans As She Jumps To Defense of Controversial Guest on The View

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The ABC talk show frequently tackles contentious issues.

Fans were divided by Whoopi Goldberg‘s latest appearance on The View when she defended a particularly controversial guest.

Kellyanne Conway, who is promoting her upcoming memoir Here’s the Deal, visited the women of the ABC talk show.

When panelist Sunny Hostin asked the former Trump administration official about her thoughts on the former President’s loss in the 2020 election, the studio audience was split.

“I think it’s pretty obvious that Joe Biden is president, I don’t know why we’re still talking about this, respectfully,” she immediately stated.

She later added, however, that she hoped Trump would be re-elected, saying: “I write extensively in this book that I am the closest person to Donald Trump to tell him that he came up short.”

She continued: “He should have won huge. He had all these accomplishments, he’s running against a guy who’s stuck in a basement.”

As per Newsweek, the audience reacted negatively to her remark, with many beginning to boo her. Whoopi took matters into her own hands as Kellyanne continued to defend herself.

“Let me do something before you say anything else,” she said to pause the discussion. “Listen, this is The View. This is her view and she’s talking about how she feels and what knows. Please don’t boo her.”

After Whoopi’s response, many in the audience began clapping, and Kellyanne admitted that it was her remark about the current President that enraged the audience.

The actress-turned-TV personality recently returned to the show after taking a break to film a new movie all the way in Scotland titled Anansi Boys.

She was greeted with a round of applause from the audience and hugs from her co-hosts when she returned to the stage earlier this month, and she didn’t hesitate to declare, “Well I will say it is really nice to be back,” as fans and co-stars alike expressed how much they missed her.

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