Wendy Williams Ex Seeks Back Divorce Payments Citing Financial Dependency

 Wendy Williams Ex Seeks Back Divorce Payments Citing Financial Dependency

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Kevin Hunter, the ex-husband of television personality Wendy Williams, is making headlines as he seeks back payments from their divorce settlement, citing a significant dependence on these funds for his daily living expenses. Court documents obtained by The U.S. Sun reveal Hunter’s plea for the resumption of payments outlined in their Marital Settlement Agreement. These payments were abruptly halted shortly before Williams was placed under a guardianship arrangement in 2022, leaving Hunter in a financially precarious position for nearly two years.

In a move to address this financial strain, Hunter has approached the court to request the immediate release of any severance payments owed to him as per the court’s order. He also seeks to gain access to documents related to Williams’ AFTRA Retirement Plan, highlighting the financial entanglements that continue to bind the former couple post-divorce.

Hunter’s legal action comes after out-of-court mediation efforts failed to yield a resolution, prompting him to bring the matter back to the judicial system. He argues that the cessation of payments has severely impacted his financial stability, underscoring the critical role these funds play in his livelihood.

“I also respectfully request that the court compel the Plaintiff to sign the Qualified Domestic Relations Order for the AFTRA Retirement Plan or in the alternative appoint me an Attorney in Fact so that I can execute the document if the Plaintiff does not sign the document within seven (7) days of this Court’s Order,” he added.

“I would not have to file this motion if the plaintiff did not stop my severance payments and if the plaintiff would have signed the qualified domestic relations order for the AFTRA retirement plan.”

Additionally, Hunter is pushing for transparency regarding Williams’ financial situation. He has requested that the court mandate Williams’ team, through her guardianship, to disclose all relevant bank records from the time of their marital dissolution to the present. This demand stems from a mediation session held in December 2022, where Hunter claims he was assured access to Williams’ financial records by her guardian and counsel.

The situation is further complicated by revelations from a source close to the mediation, who disclosed that during a December meeting, a mediator informed Hunter of Williams’ alleged financial insolvency. Despite these claims, Hunter’s camp has yet to receive concrete evidence supporting the notion that Williams is financially depleted.

This ongoing financial dispute occurs against a backdrop of personal challenges for Williams, who publicly disclosed her battle with frontotemporal dementia and aphasia in 2023. The revelation came after Williams’ candid admission of her financial woes during her Lifetime docuseries, “Where is Wendy Williams?”, where she emphasized the precarious nature of her situation, suggesting that such a predicament could befall anyone.

Williams’ health and financial issues have been a topic of public concern since her diagnosis of alcohol-related brain damage in 2019, which was confirmed during a rehab stint in Florida. The diagnosis, revealed in the presence of her son and then-husband Hunter, highlighted the long-term consequences of her alcohol abuse on her cognitive functions. The unfolding drama encapsulates the complex interplay of personal health, financial disputes, and the challenges of navigating life after divorce in the public eye.

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