Wendy Williams’ ex-attorney accuses her caretakers of neglect

 Wendy Williams’ ex-attorney accuses her caretakers of neglect

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Wendy Williams has experienced a notable decline in her health following the initiation of a court-ordered guardianship in 2022. The situation has raised concerns, particularly as recent reports indicate Williams is now facing challenges with dementia and aphasia. LaShawn Thomas, a close associate and former legal representative of Williams, has expressed deep worry over the rapid deterioration of Williams’ health.

In a public statement via Instagram, Thomas reflected on Williams’ condition just two weeks before the guardianship mandate that required her relocation to New York. She highlighted a video showing Williams in a seemingly healthier state while in Florida, celebrating her recovery alongside her son, Kevin Hunter Jr. This stark contrast led Thomas to question the efficiency and care under the guardianship in New York, pointing out a noticeable difference in Williams’ well-being.

Thomas’ statement brought attention to the absence of Williams’ son by her side during this tumultuous period, insinuating that his involvement had previously had a positive impact on Williams’ health. She emphasized the drastic change in Williams’ condition and called for a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the guardianship and its impact on Williams’ health, according to Page Six.

Amid concerns for Williams’ safety and well-being, Thomas revealed she had remained silent out of fear of retaliation, both physically and financially. However, the growing worry for Williams, shared by her family and friends, compelled Thomas to speak out.

Her call to action encourages a closer examination of the guardianship system and its effects on individuals under its care, highlighting the need for transparency and accountability in these arrangements. The case of Wendy Williams thus becomes a focal point for broader discussions about guardianship, health care, and the rights of those under such legal constraints.

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