Weekly Business Horoscope 23rd Aug to 29th Aug 2015

 Weekly Business Horoscope 23rd Aug to 29th Aug 2015

Taurus : Taurus HoroscopeYou may be at your wits end, resolving issues in marital life and feeling depressed due to the prevailing disharmony. It is better to focus on other issues of long-term Significance. From Tuesday, when Moon enters an earthly Sign, you are likely to be in the right state of mind to attend to issues related to career and finances, predicts Ganesha. With ruler of the 9th and 10th Houses, Saturn in direct mode, the time is ripe to work on plans made earlier. Saturn is the most important planet for your Sign, being the ruler of two most important Houses – the 9th House from your Sign which relates to luck and the 10th House which relates to ‘Karma’. However, with the ruler of your Sign Venus still moving in retrograde mode, you may not be able to make noticeable headway. Professionals are likely to continue experiencing tough times. On Friday, Mercury comes out of its own Sign Virgo and enters the airy Sign Libra. On Sunday, Full Moon shines on the skyline.

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Gemini : Gemini Horoscope 2015This week you may be preoccupied with streamlining your day to day activities. For this, you need to set your priorities and work accordingly. Monetary gains are likely to accrue around Wednesday and Thursday. In job, it is likely to be a routine affair. Meeting your deadlines is not likely to be difficult. Relations with higher ups are likely to be cordial. Your boss will mentor and motivate you. Freelance professionals are likely to feel happy on getting some well paying project, predicts Ganesha. Freshers looking for a suitable job opportunity may have to compromise on the position offered as it may not match your academic qualifications. You need to first establish your credentials as a committed professional, to get a better position. Around Friday, Mercury changes Sign to enter Libra. Mercury is now posited in the 5th House from your Sign. On Sunday, the Full Moon shines on the skyline, which positions itself in the 10th House from your Sign.

Cancer : Cancer Horoscope 2015If you are fresh out of college and looking for employment, you will be lucky to get the desired job and position. However, you may have to compromise on remuneration. A job which involves frequent travel is likely to work well in the long run. Professionals are likely to be entrusted with challenging projects. You may need to multi-task to finish everything. Businessmen may face odds in routine work. Delivering goods in time is likely to become difficult. In money matters you are likely to be hard-pressed. It is not that the inflow of money will reduce, but unexpected expenses may not leave much for savings. Around Friday, Mercury leaves own Sign Virgo and enters Libra. Mercury now joins Rahu posited in the 4th House. On Sunday, Full Moon shines in the sky. With the planet of romance, Venus in retrograde mode, love birds may not gel well with each other. A communication gap may lead to misunderstandings, feels Ganesha.

Leo : Leo Horoscope 2015Moon is posited in Sagittarius at the beginning of the week, which is likely to usher in positive events during the next few days, predicts Ganesha. With Mars in your Sign, you may be raring to go. Around Wednesday and Thursday, you may be busy planning things ahead and setting priorities. This is the right thing to do if you are planning something big. Self-discipline and effective time-management are needed to achieve your targets. Around the weekend, you may experience some uneasy moments in matters related your marital life. Differences over setting priorities at home may lead to arguments and heated words being exchanged. There may be a physical injury around the weekend. Around Friday, the crafty Mercury changes Sign to enter the fun-loving Libra. This may induce you to indulge in unnecessary arguments, which could prove to be detrimental to your image as a serious and responsible person. On Sunday, a Full Moon rises on the skyline.

Virgo : Virgo Horoscope 2015This week, Ganesha foretells, you are likely to be high on self confidence and self-esteem. With the Sun coming out of the 12th House and posited in the 1st House, in conjunction with Jupiter and ruler of your Sign, Mercury, you may be able to control your expenditure satisfactorily. Still, unforeseen domestic expenses may upset your savings plan. Strictly avoid speculative activities. Invest spare funds, if any, in secure bonds. Some discontent in the family is likely to prevail, which may distress you. Businessmen are likely to feel happy, with increase in turnover, but you may have to increase manpower to meed the increasing demand. Professionals handling offshore projects are likely to see their income rising, but workload will steadily increase. On Friday, Mercury comes out of its own Sign to enter Libra, and then positions itself in the 2nd House from your Sign. You are likely to enjoy quality time with your life partner over the weekend. Full Moon rises in the sky on Sunday night.

Libra : Libra HoroscopeWith Moon posited in Sagittarius this week, you may have enough time to relax. You have been experiencing stressful situations lately, so now is the time to unwind and enjoy with your family and friends, says Ganesha. With Mars and retrograde Venus, posited in the 11th House, beware of friends who may lure you into enjoying activities that may lead to addictions. Besides, these activities can result in loss of money and precious time. In turn, this may not let you focus on important issues, such as career, finance and domestic matters. Around Tuesday and Wednesday, you may be busy with domestic matters. Family members are likely to be pleased by your renewed interest in domestic affairs. You may prefer to buy new gadgets instead of getting old ones repaired. Around Friday, Mercury leaves its own Sign Virgo and enters Libra, your Sign. On Sunday, full Moon rises in the sky.

Scorpio : Scorpio HoroscopeThe moon is posited in that fun loving, highly optimistic, freedom-seeking, fiery Sign Sagittarius. This indicates that you will enjoy spending time with your family, predicts Ganesha. Nothing like going out for dinner together, followed by a late-night movie. Taking out time to relax rejuvenates you. You will then go about your work with renewed vigour and act with conviction. Travel undertaken on Tuesday-Wednesday is likely to prove fruitful for business. Malefic Ketu posited in the 6th House does not bode well for health and job. Your health may suffer due to seasonal changes. You need to remain watchful about symptoms and take preventive measure. If due care is not taken, you may have to be bed-ridden or hospitalised for more than a couple of days. Mercury comes out of own Sign Virgo to enter Libra. Now Mercury positions itself in the 12th House from your Sign to join Rahu posited therein. On Sunday night, full Moon will be seen shining in the sky.

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Sagittarius : Sagittarius HoroscopeWith the Moon posited in your Sign, characteristics of Sagittarius are likely to be manifested acutely this week. You are likely to be beaming with confidence and driven by optimism, foretells Ganesha. You will act with conviction to climb up the hierarchy in your workplace. However, Saturn posited in the 12th House from your Sign, is likely to counter your optimism by making you unsure about your own capability and resourcefulness. The positions of Sun, Jupiter and Mercury are likely to help you gather strength and shake off the negative vibes. Businessmen dealing with government and semi-government organisations are likely to enjoy progressive times. A long-term contract is likely to lend stability and help in strengthening your financial position. On Friday, Mercury leaves its own Sign Virgo to enter Libra. Mercury is now posited in the 11th House from your Sign, related to gains. On Sunday night, a Full Moon shines in the sky.  

Capricorn : Capricorn Horoscope 2015Ganesha foretells that this week you may be concerned about your spouse spending too much money. Domestic expenses, too, are likely to increase, taking a big toll on your savings. In order to meet these expenses you may strongly feel like looking for other avenues to earn extra money. Suggestions from close friends are likely to prove beneficial, but only if you act on them. Traders may include some high-potential products in their portfolio. However, you may have to wait patiently before monetary gains start accruing. In job, this week may prove to be a routine affair. On the health front, there will be no new problems. Opting for alternative medicine to cure old niggling problem is likely to work well. On Friday, Mercury leaves its own Sign Virgo and enters Libra. This could make you argumentative. In money matters also, Mercury in Libra is not considered a good omen. On Sunday night, Full Moon shines in the sky.

Aquarius : Aquarius Horoscope 2015Ganesha foretells that your strong wish to enjoy the pleasures of marital life is unlikely to be fulfilled this week. This is due to the evil influence of Saturn over the 7th House, along with Mars and retrograde Venus posited therein. Your life partner may be engaged with other issues and may not be keen to enjoy intimate physical contact. Also, the planet of love and sensual pleasures, Venus is retrograde and posited in Leo, wherein it (Venus) does not feel comfortable. Around Tuesday-Wednesday, some unexpected expenses may upset your savings’ plan. However, there is a likelihood of some extra money coming your way. This may be in the form of some incentive or returns from investments made earlier, which may somewhat compensate your increased expenses. The ruler of the 8th House from your Sign, Mercury leaves its own Sign Virgo to enter Libra. Mercury then positions itself in the 9th House from your Sign. Emotions may run high, with Full Moon shining on Sunday night.

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Pisces : Pisces Horoscopeour efforts to achieve higher growth in your field of activities are likely to start bearing fruits this week. Businessmen are likely to feel elevated because of increasing turnover. Old contacts may prove to be beneficial. However, Ganesha advises you to take precaution while extending credit. You may have to write off certain debts, owing to the position of malefic Rahu in the 8th House of unexpected losses. The position of Ketu in the 2nd House related to money matters, among other things, too, may have an adverse effect on your finances. Professionals may be able to please superiors by performing exceedingly well. You may be given some incentives as a form of motivation. Around Friday, Mercury leaves its own Sign Virgo to enter Libra. This may affect the inflow of money indirectly. You may be emotionally worked up about issues related to personal life. The Full Moon shines on Sunday night.

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