Victoria Beckham ‘unhappy’ with David’s same meal for 25 years comment

 Victoria Beckham ‘unhappy’ with David’s same meal for 25 years comment


Victoria Beckham has been left less than impressed with her hubby David after he spilled inside secrets about her diet, it’s been reported.

The football star recently admitted that his other half has been eating the very same meal for the past 25 years without ever mixing it up.

David said the last time he can recall his wife eating a dinner that didn’t consist of some variation of grilled fish and steamed vegetables was when she was pregnant with the couple’s now ten-year-old daughter Harper.

Sources have claimed to OK! that after David’s comments got back to Victoria, the fashion designer was ‘unhappy’ with how his words came across as she felt the revelation made her sound ‘quite boring.’

Although Victoria has touched on her strict diet in the past and the fact that she doesn’t eat carbs, the source found it ‘quite brave of David to come out and say it’.

During his appearance on the River Cafe Table 4 podcast, David also said that he tends to get ‘quite emotional’ when he’s eating something delicious and wants his other dining partners to try it.

He then added: ‘Unfortunately I’m married to someone that has eaten the same thing for the last 25 years.’

David’s comments come after the singer revealed during her own appearance on the podcast last year that her favorite meal in the entire world is salt on wholemeal toast.

Posh spice went on to describe herself as ‘every restaurant’s worst nightmare and joked that her close pal Gordon Ramsay had told her ‘he’s never seen anybody as disciplined about the way that they eat.’

Although she’s not the most adventurous eater, Victoria said she makes up for it in the drinks department and can ‘become a very good dinner guest’.

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