Tulisa Kicked Danny Simpson Into Touch After Shoe Row

 Tulisa Kicked Danny Simpson Into Touch After Shoe Row

Tulisa Danny Simpson BreakupTulisa kicked “a*****e” Danny Simpson into touch after an argument over £1,000 Louboutin shoes. The 24-year-old star – who is set to be quizzed by police after allegedly arranging an £800 cocaine deal – slammed the professional footballer for being “obsessed” with her for six years and recalled one row when she put a pair of the expensive footwear he bought her into a Tesco bag.

The ‘Young‘ hitmaker claimed her ex-boyfriend was used to women performing a sex act on him when he bought them such luxury gifts and was furious with her reaction to his expensive present. She recalled: “He said, ‘What bird does that?’ “He’s not as intelligent as me. And he’s very shallow and I’m very real.

He was a fan. He was obsessed for six years. He had a massive crush on me. Finally he found somebody who knew me. He wasn’t a celebrity until he met me. He was a famous footballer but not a celebrity. As soon as he got with me, he became a celebrity footballer.”

Tulisa also revealed how she once told 26-year-old Danny – who she split from in May following a six-month romance – to “eat some Snickers – get some f***ing nuts” in reference to the chocolate bar’s advertising campaign. She added to The Sun newspaper: “His problem is that the way that he used to have it with other birds, he just doesn’t have any of that with me. “He’s used to girls that run round after and put it on for him — even sexually chase him. I’m not that woman.”

Tulisa – who has a perfume range called Female Boss – also claimed she is a huge star in the UK because she is a “rebel” and admitted she has laid down the law to previous boyfriends. She told them: “Do you know who you’ve got involved with? I’m the f***ing female boss, I have it tattooed on my arm and I had it there from the f***ing day you met me. I don’t need you

“I‘m big in the UK because I’m a rebel.” – Femalefirst

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