Trumps’ Body Language Raises Questions on the State of Their Marriage

 Trumps’ Body Language Raises Questions on the State of Their Marriage


As Donald and Melania Trump concluded their time in the White House, speculations surrounding the strength of their marital bond grew. During their tenure, several instances hinting at strains in their relationship became evident.

Bruce Durham, a body language expert, after closely observing the couple’s interactions, commented on how Melania initially acted as a pillar of support for Donald. However, he suggests that Donald’s perceived “lack of empathy and consideration” might have caused a shift in their dynamics.

Comparing the couple’s behavior to how ordinary couples might mask disagreements in front of guests, Durham points out that being under a global microscope amplifies these subtle cues. Even subtle reactions, which are typically involuntary, can reveal a lot about a person’s feelings.

One instance Durham discusses is the couple’s inaugural dance, where Donald seemed visibly uneasy. Melania, however, tried to navigate the situation, guiding him through the dance. Durham suggests that Donald’s discomfort was a window into his emotional disconnect, told The Mirror.

Another moment analyzed was Melania’s apparent reluctance to hold hands on several occasions. While Melania usually seems to play a complementary role to Donald in public appearances, there were instances where she appeared more assertive, leading rather than following. For instance, after a Presidential debate, Melania seemed to take the lead, with Donald appearing momentarily taken aback when she pulled her hand away.

The underlying question is whether the Trumps’ marriage will undergo a transformation post the White House era. Durham, observing Donald’s alleged narcissistic tendencies and rumors surrounding his fidelity, speculates whether Melania values emotional connection more than materialistic gains. He concludes that the dynamic appears to be evolving, with the possibility of Melania asserting a more dominant role in their relationship in the future.

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