Trump will reveal “a lot of little treasures” in “uncensored” documentary footage

 Trump will reveal “a lot of little treasures” in “uncensored” documentary footage

Image Source: The Times

The revelation that former President Donald Trump had a film team following him and documenting him in the White House on January 6 was addressed by former Assistant Deputy Attorney General Harry Litman.

When discussing the film on MSNBC, Litman said that the aim of Trump was to glorify the former president.

“Trump gave him access, so there are going to be a lot of little things that they are pointing to,” Litman told MSNBC’s, Alicia Menendez. “But Trump is a notoriously uncensored figure. Once he starts talking, he doesn’t stop. It almost doesn’t matter who the audience is, remember his conversations with Phil Rucker and Carol Leonig? Once you wind him up, there is no end to what he will say…

He is really just sort of rolling the camera and letting him roll, but we’ve got Trump, we’ve got Trump’s inner circle, we’ve got [Mike] Pence, and it starts from October and before the election, and goes on. So, it just figures to be a lot of real little treasures coming out.”

He pointed out that when filmmaker Alex Holder released the clip, the House Select Committee looking into the attempt to overthrow Congress “stopped the music.” Over the Fourth of July holiday, they will take a break, but they will also review the 11 hours of video Holder has provided. Prior to the open hearing on Thursday, he gave testimony, according to the Raw Story.

Menendez continued by playing a clip of Ruby Freeman sobbing in front of the committee, telling them that the president had singled her out and had abused his position to try and ruin their lives with baseless allegations.

According to Litman, there isn’t much that can be done to make the previous president give Freeman justice; nonetheless, she has filed cases against media organizations that have spread false information about her. Freeman and the right-wing network OANN have already reached a settlement, and a fight with The Gateway Pundit is still underway. Over 4,200 dollars have been donated to her legal fund-raising drive by people hoping to help her.

See Litman’s comments below:

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