“I’m sure his lawyers talked to him” Michael Cohen Testifies Against Trump Without Courtroom Drama

 “I’m sure his lawyers talked to him” Michael Cohen Testifies Against Trump Without Courtroom Drama

Jonathan Ernst | Reuters

Donald Trump’s former fixer and attorney, Michael Cohen, testified against him in court on Monday, yet there was no dramatic confrontation. Cohen’s appearance in the criminal hush money trial was anticipated to be a fiery showdown, given the long-standing animosity between the two men. Despite the tension, the court session remained calm.

Stephanie Grisham, Trump’s former White House Communications Director, discussed the situation during her appearance on CNN’s “Out Front.” She noted that Trump, who has previously struggled to stay composed in court, managed to maintain his calm demeanor. Grisham suggested that Trump did so to preserve his image, refraining from outbursts or profanity.

Following the court session, former President Trump did not hold back in expressing his frustration. In one of his angriest post-trial rants yet, he spoke at an impromptu press conference outside the courtroom. Trump criticized New York’s legal system, claiming it had been weaponized against him. He declared, “The whole world is laughing now at New York’s weaponized legal system, watching this unfold.”

“I think that he probably saw the news coverage after Stormy Daniels was up on the stand and his reaction was covered pretty widely, and it wasn’t favorable,” she said. “I’m sure his lawyers talked to him. I’m sure his family members talked to him and said, ‘You cannot be acting out when Michael Cohen is there.'”

“What I was doing was at the direction of and benefit of Mr. Trump,” Cohen testified. He later fingered the ex-president for being complicit in the alleged crimes. Trump is accused of business fraud involving hush money payments allegedly given to adult movie star Stormy Daniels to buy her silence about a sexual relationship.

Cohen stated Monday, “Everything required Mr. Trump’s sign-off.” Most of all, Trump kept his behavior in check because of his image, Grisham said. “I think probably it was an ego thing,” said Grisham. “I doubt he wanted to show Michael any kind of a reaction.” Still, when Trump exited Monday’s hearing, he didn’t hide his displeasure. “I imagine that right when he got out of that courtroom he wanted to burst and couldn’t wait until he got to the Suburban,” she noted.

This trial marks a significant moment in the ongoing legal battles surrounding Trump. Cohen’s testimony directly implicated Trump in the scheme to pay hush money, aiming to prevent damaging stories from emerging during his 2016 presidential campaign. Despite the contentious history between Trump and Cohen, the courtroom remained composed, with Trump focusing on his public image and saving his anger for his statements outside the courthouse.

As the trial continues, the calm within the courtroom juxtaposed with Trump’s fiery rhetoric outside highlights the complexities of his defense strategy. The former president’s ability to control his reactions in court while vocally attacking the legal system in public underscores his efforts to influence both the legal proceedings and public opinion.

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