Tom Holland clears break up rumours with Zendaya after Instagram wipe

 Tom Holland clears break up rumours with Zendaya after Instagram wipe

Photo by musicmundial

Tom Holland has stepped forward to address the swirling breakup rumors with Zendaya following her recent Instagram activity. In a video released by TMZ on January 12, Holland, 27, firmly dismissed the rumors, stating, “No no no no, absolutely not.”

The video shows Holland navigating through the streets of Los Angeles to his car. Speculations about the couple’s relationship status ignited when Zendaya, also 27, unfollowed everyone on Instagram earlier this month, including Holland. This unexpected move by the actress, coupled with her lack of new posts since then, fueled rumors about their relationship.

Zendaya did make one recent Instagram post regarding her upcoming film “Challengers,” set to release on April 26th, directed by Luca Guadagnino. She captioned it with a new year’s greeting for her fans but did not provide further explanation for her social media actions.

While Holland continues to follow Zendaya on Instagram, he has not been very active on the platform himself. He last updated his account in November 2023 and has previously spoken about his sporadic social media use. In a conversation with Buzzfeed, Holland mentioned how he often deletes Instagram for days, downloads it to post, and then struggles to keep up with the numerous messages, especially from Zendaya.

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