‘The View’ Makes ‘False Derogatory Statements’ On TV, Apologizes

 ‘The View’ Makes ‘False Derogatory Statements’ On TV, Apologizes

(The View)

Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar of ABC’s ‘The View’ faced significant backlash and potential legal action from the conservative organization, Turning Point USA (TPUSA). This came in response to their statements that incorrectly implied TPUSA’s association with neo-Nazis who protested outside a TPUSA event.

At a TPUSA Student Action Summit in Tampa, neo-Nazi demonstrators, displaying swastikas and other pro-Nazi symbols, protested against the TPUSA gathering. However, on ‘The View’, Behar and Goldberg suggested that TPUSA had welcomed the neo-Nazis, which was a misrepresentation, Fox News reported.

Joy Behar pointed out the neo-Nazis’ presence and made a comment regarding Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, neglecting to mention that he had attended the summit a day prior to the appearance of the neo-Nazis. Whoopi Goldberg added to the controversy by stating TPUSA “embraced” the neo-Nazis, which greatly angered the organization.

In response, TPUSA promptly issued a cease and desist letter, emphasizing that the show’s hosts had wrongfully linked TPUSA with the neo-Nazi protestors, and demanded a formal apology, Breitbart reported.

Following the controversy, ‘#SueTheView’ trended on social media. Eventually, ‘The View’ issued a correction and apology. Surprisingly, the statement was delivered by Sara Haines rather than Goldberg, who had made the contentious remarks. This omission was not overlooked, with TPUSA pointing out on Twitter that Goldberg did not retract her comments.

Charlie Kirk, co-founder of TPUSA, expressed his discontent on Twitter, highlighting Goldberg’s silence during the apology. The incident underscores the importance of accurate representation in the media and the distinction between personal opinion and factual reporting.


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