The View fans shocked as Whoopi Goldberg makes ‘rude’ comment to Sunny Hostin on live TV

 The View fans shocked as Whoopi Goldberg makes ‘rude’ comment to Sunny Hostin on live TV

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THE View’s Whoopi Goldberg has shocked fans after she made a comment to Sunny Hostin that they blasted as rude.

The awkward interaction happened during a segment with guest Keke Palmer on the live talk show’s Friday broadcast.

Fans of The View were taken aback on Friday when moderator Whoopi Goldberg made a rude remark about co-host Sunny Hostin.

Sunny was working on a question for guest Keke Palmer, but she was taking far too long for Whoopi’s liking, according to insideexpress reports.

Sunny was working on a question for Keke regarding one of her new projects when the incident occurred near the end of the episode.

“Well, you’re also starring,” she began, before taking a moment and holding up one of her note cards. “I gotta get some information on this.”

Sunny went on to explain Keke’s role in Jordan Peele’s upcoming horror film Nope, which drew applause from the audience.

The View presenter, on the other hand, kept talking about how annoying it is that no one can say anything about the film and how excited she is to see it.

Whoopi thought enough was enough after she rambled for a little longer and interrupted her.

“Ask this child this question,” the moderator demanded. “Please!”

Fans were shocked when Whoopi cut Sunny off and basically told her to speed up.

One fan tweeted: “Whoopi stays on Sunny’s neck.”

Another shocked viewer wrote: “Wish Whoopi would treat Sunny with more respect.”

A third just said: “I wish I had a dollar for every time Whoopi gets exasperated with Sunny. 

“It’s just always so funny each time.”

Defending Whoopi, one The View fan tweeted: “You have to admit, Sunny does give a synopsis before asking the question.”

This comes after Whoopi’s mistake on the talk show earlier this week involving Sunny.

While The View is largely made up of live parts, around midway through the most recent episode, a taped segment was shown.

Dominique, one of the show’s biggest fans, was surprised by an appearance by host Sunny Hostin as well as the opportunity to perform in front of a studio audience.

The View returned to being a live show once their scripted talk ended, and Whoopi was eager to take the show forward, despite the teleprompter’s best efforts.

“So, since there’s nothing–” Whoopi began to move on to the next segment of the day’s show as the full hosting panel came into view.

As she realized she’d made a mistake with what she was reading on the prompter, the moderator immediately cut herself off.

“Oh, I guess– now, it says, ‘Sunny ad-lib,’” Whoopi read, looking confused.

Sunny helped her out, explaining: “Oh, I think they wanted me to fill everyone in [on Dominique now].”

The other co-hosts could be heard laughing in the background at the confusion.

Fans criticized Whoopi on social media just a few weeks ago after she made another major mistake on The View.

The mishap occurred as Whoopi mentioned an incident that occurred lately at the Louvre in the art world.

Fans, on the other hand, were more concerned in how the View moderator was pronouncing the museum’s name than in the topic at hand.

One surprised viewer asked: “Did Whoopi say the LOO-va?”

The user also added a gif of someone scratching their neck and looking a bit confused.

Another wrote, “The way Whoopi just pronounced the Louvre,” including with it a gif of a woman cringing.

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